Mastering is the final polish on your music, and is an essential step in having a world-class sounding track. Bass lab specialized in mastering electronic music to sound fantastic in the club or on your iPod. As we’ve said. We don’t just slap an instance of Ozone on your track, do a bit of matching EQ and call it mastered. We decide on a signal chain that’s put together specifically to maximize the quality of your music. Basslab features a professionally designed room and acoustic treatments so we can be accurate and sure the finished product sounds the way it should.

“For all my electronic music producer friends, if you need professional mastering, consider Bass Lab. Stevo Le Diable is Mastering my next Circus of Mind EP set to release this summer and I can recommend his impeccable ears and skills.” 

- Circus of Mind, DJ, Producer, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

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