Bass Lab does not just stick an instance of Ozone on your track, pull up a preset, do a little matching EQ and call it mastered.

Likewise we don’t assembly line your music using presets and templates and call it mixed.

We take the time to mix and master and make your music the best it can be. Consequently we are not the cheapest but we do offer great value. Drop us a note and tell us what your project is and we can give you a quote. We’ll even master a segment of your music if you want to hear what we can do. Mixing services start at $35 an hour. Mastering at $70 a song but we offer great discounts if you mix or master more tracks with us. Drop us a line. Lets see if we can figure out something that works for you.

“With a drastically different approach to the material, Basslab helped Voicecoil appeal to a whole new audience. The production quality was outstanding, clean, crisp and punchy with plenty of low end. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get that professional commercial dance sound!”

-Voicecoil, Producer, Denver CO, USA

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